PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police announce plan to increase police presence in schools

Farmington, NM – Earlier this week Farmington Police Department announced on Facebook that they met with representatives from the Farmington Municipal School District. The meeting was to discuss national events and how they can work together to increase safety for students and faculty. Their discussion included plans for an increased police presence in the schools and they anticipated having a finalized plan in place early next week. The plan has been finalized and today FPD announced that uniformed officers of all ranks, including the chief of police, will be making unannounced visits to the schools. The officers will be conducting walkthroughs of the campuses inside and out and will be speaking with students and staff. This is in addition to school resource officers already assigned to schools.

The plan was implemented yesterday and will remain in effect for the remainder of the school year. The public should please be advised, there may be several patrol vehicles in a school parking lot at once during unscheduled visits.

Chief Hebbe expressed the department’s commitment to school safety, “These are trying times in our community and across the nation. Students and faculty should feel safe in the environment in which they learn and teach. We are committed to the safety of our citizens and will continue to work closely with schools and law enforcement throughout the county on this issue.”


PRESS RELEASE: Student charged in connection with school threat

Farmington, NM – A Farmington student has been charged in connection with a recent school threat that took place earlier this week. Farmington police were notified on Tuesday about the threat circulating on social media targeting Tibbetts Middle School. The post read that an individual and friends were going to shoot up the school either Wednesday or Thursday. Detectives with the Farmington Police Department immediately opened an investigation and quickly identified a 14-year-old female as the suspect. Today at approximately 2:40 p.m. she was taken into custody and transported to the San Juan County Juvenile Detention Center. She is being charged with interference with the educational process and public nuisance. Detectives believe the female acted alone and haven’t found evidence to support the allegation of other subjects involvement.

Throughout the investigation, an increased police presence was provided at Farmington schools. This increased police presence will remain in place until the end of the school year.

The Farmington Police Department would like to thank the public for their ongoing vigilance and dedication to the safety of our children. Chief Hebbe explained, “This case is a testament to the strong partnership between law enforcement and our community. The number of citizens who reported this threat was overwhelming. We commend you for stepping up and making a report.”

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police are taking a proactive approach to combating property crime

Farmington, NM ­- The Farmington Police Department is working to combat property crime with a newly implemented program – impact teams. The teams are led by a corporal and comprised of one member of each of the following divisions: patrol, detectives, District Coordinator Unit, and traffic. Their monthly operations are carried out using a data-driven approach to decrease crime in problem areas. Target crimes include residential burglary, auto burglary and shoplifting. The team chooses a specific crime and location according to data provided by FPD’s crime analyst. “Property crimes are among some of the most difficult to investigate and incredibly frustrating for our citizens,” said Capt. Dowdy. “By taking a proactive, data-driven approach to these types of crimes, we hope to greatly reduce the number of occurrences.”

The impact team’s initial operation took place in September 2017; they’ve since conducted five successful operations. December’s operation targeted shoplifting at select major retail stores and resulted in 23 arrests; the highest number thus far. Of those arrests, 19 were from warrants, 11 from shoplifting charges, four trespassing charges, seven drug-related charges and one open container charge. The team’s most recent operation took place in January and focused on burglaries in known problem areas; six arrests and three citations were issued. Of those arrests, two were of individuals who had warrants for burglary.

The program’s overall success will be measured by the number of arrests made in addition to whether or not target crimes in specific areas decrease. “The safety and well-being of the community are of the utmost importance to FPD,” said Capt. Dowdy. “We will continue to monitor crime trends, analyze the effectiveness of this new program and adjust our approach to addressing these crimes as appropriate.”

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington Police Department is working to improve communication with crime victims, open call-in event this Thursday

Farmington, NM – The Farmington Police Department is working to better inform crime victims of the status of their cases. Being the victim of a crime can be a stressful time; not knowing the status of a case can add to that stress. We recognize this frustrating position and know it’s an area citizens would like us to improve.

This Thursday, February 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., our detective division will hold an open call-in event. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for members of the community to call and inquire about the status of any case(s) they may have questions about and/or to relay any new information that may have developed.  Many of our cases are property crimes, which are difficult to solve. We want citizens to know where we are with those cases and for them to relay any new information. Not all cases are assigned to detectives; however, if a citizen calls about a case that is being handled by a patrol officer, we will still provide an update on that case.

Anyone with questions or new information regarding their case is advised to call the Farmington Police Department Detective Division at (505) 599-1005 on Thursday, February 8th, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This does not preclude inquiries outside of this time period; however, on this date, citizens can expect their cases to be promptly and thoroughly reviewed by a detective and/or detective supervisor with timely feedback provided. Inquiring citizens must be directly related to the investigation(s) they are seeking information about.

PRESS RELEASE: Student charged for writing threatening message on school wall

Farmington, NM – Earlier today, Farmington police were made aware of a threatening message written in the boys’ bathroom at Piedra Vista High School. The message stated, “A shooting will happen tomorrow.” Staff found the graffitti and alerted authorities. An investigation immediately began and detectives were able to identify the suspect, a 16-year-old student who attends PVHS. The student is being charged with four counts of criminal damage to property and one count of disrupting the educational process. He is being detained by Juvenile Probation and will be transported to the San Juan County Juvenile Detention Center.


PRESS RELEASE: Choices: an inspirational presentation

Choose pride. Choose success. Choose Yourself. Don’t choose a gang.

choices-flyer (1)

Farmington, NM –Jorge Cuevas, gang survivor, is working to inspire others to choose life over a gang. Cuevas joined a gang when he was 14 years old. At the age of 17, he was shot which caused him to lose the use of his legs. Tragedy struck again when Cuevas’ younger brother was murdered. On January 18, Cuevas will share his inspirational story of how, after a decade, he left the gang to pursue a better life.

This free event is open to the public and will take place at the Sycamore Park Community Center from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The Farmington Police Department Gang Unit will give an overview of the history of gangs and the psychology behind membership.

*Media is welcome to attend.




Working together to reduce traffic crashes in the new year

A message from our Traffic Division

Traffic Tuesday 1

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and share what we’ll be working on in 2018. The overall goal of our division is to make Farmington’s roadways safer for everyone, and this takes a partnership between FPD and the public. Our community has done an incredible job in this partnership by reporting suspected drunk and aggressive drivers and informing us of problem areas. KUDOS COMMUNITY! Keep up the good work.


The Slow Down Farmington Campaign launched late last year and took off across the community. It’s great to see the large number of signs displayed in yards and at businesses reminding others to take their time, not a life. Anyone who’d like a sign may pick one up at the police department or city hall. Our division will continue conducting focused traffic enforcements as we identify high-crash and other problem areas through data and citizen reports.


FPD will continue working diligently to reduce drunk driving in our community through saturation patrols, checkpoints and responding to citizen call-ins. Please remember, an individual driving drunk IS an emergency; report it by calling 911.

Something Fun:

Watch for Traffic Trivia where citizens can win prizes here on Facebook. We’ll be launching it soon in an upcoming Traffic Tuesday post.


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