PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police conduct undercover alcohol compliance operation

Farmington, NM – Farmington Police Department recently partnered with the New Mexico Department of Safety to conduct an undercover alcohol compliance operation. The focus was to determine if alcohol retailers were requesting proper identification and refusing to sell to individuals under the age of 21. The operation took place on January 28. Thirteen clerks in various stores throughout Farmington were contacted by minors attempting to purchase alcohol. Only one clerk sold to a minor. The store was administratively cited and the clerk will be issued a court summons.

The clerks who did not sell to the minors will receive a written thank you from FPD for taking the time to properly identify the individual and his or her age. The Farmington Police Department will conduct similar operations in the future in an effort to raise awareness and make alcohol accessibility to minors more difficult. The department wants to encourage sales personnel to take the appropriate time needed to confirm the purchaser is of legal age. The Farmington Police District Coordinator Unit is available to provide training to retailers regarding alcohol sales.