PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police seeking public’s assistance in 1988 cold case homicide

feliciano mendoza 1

Farmington, NM – The Farmington Police Department is seeking information on the death of Feliciano Mendoza. On May 10, 1988, officers were called to the area of Broadway Avenue and West Main Street on a report of a downed subject. When officers arrived, they discovered Feliciano Mendoza suffering from head trauma.  He was pronounced deceased at the scene. Several individuals near the area were interviewed but were unable to provide any viable information. The investigation quickly went cold.

The Farmington Police Department is seeking information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of the suspect(s) responsible for Mendoza’s death. Anyone with information that could help move this case forward, is asked to contact Detective Heather Chavez at (505) 566-2370 or non-emergency dispatch at (505) 334-6622. Anonymous tips may be submitted to the Farmington Police Department Detective Tip Hotline at (505) 599-1068.

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PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police seeking public’s assistance in cold case homicide

Carla Helmer PhotoFarmington, NM – The Farmington Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in the homicide investigation of Carla Helmer. Carla was found deceased on Wednesday, October 28, 1992 inside her residence. That day, Carla’s supervisor drove to her home to check on her because she hadn’t been to work in three days, nor had she called in. When her supervisor arrived at Carla’s home, she found her car parked outside. She knocked on the door and tried to call her, but no one answered. Farmington police officers were called to conduct a welfare check on Carla. They too knocked on Carla’s door and received no response from inside.  Officers found the door was unlocked and entered her residence. They found Carla deceased.

Carla suffered from multiple stab wounds and had severe defensive wounds, indicating that she tried to fight off her attacker. She was only clad in a shirt and undergarments, which suggested that she knew her attacker. Several persons of interest were identified early in the investigation and were interviewed. The investigation continued for several years but eventually went “cold” in the mid-1990s. The case was reopened by different detectives over the years, but it has yet to be solved.

With advances in forensic science, the Farmington Police Department has reopened this case and is reviewing what evidentiary items can be re-examined. We are also asking if you or someone you know has information regarding the death of Carla Helmer, please contact Detective Heather Chavez at (505) 566-2370 or non-emergency dispatch at (505) 334-6622. Anonymous tips may be submitted to the Farmington Police Department’s Detective Tip Line at (505) 599-1068.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police revisit cold case homicide, asking for public’s assistance

Composite Sketch
Composite Sketch

Farmington, NM – Detectives with the Farmington Police Department are seeking information about a cold case homicide that took place nearly eight and a half years ago. On October 21, 2009 around 12:54 p.m., officers were dispatched to the area west of the Auburn Trailer Park located at 951 N. Auburn, in reference to a found body. Officers responded to the area and discovered a partially submerged adult male in the shallow brook west of the park. The male victim was quickly identified by family members who were on scene as 37-year-old Nathaniel Robert Morgan. The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator ruled Morgan’s manner of death as a homicide. It was apparent that he’d been involved in some type of physical altercation prior to his death.

Nathaniel Robert Morgan Photo
Nathaniel Morgan

The last time Morgan was seen alive was the afternoon of October 20, 2009 when he was sitting on a lawn chair drinking by the stream with an unknown friend. The friend was described as a male, 25-to-35 years of age, about 5 feet 7 inches tall and 170 pounds with a shaved head.  Witnesses met with a forensic artist within days and a composite sketch was drawn and released to the media. The sketch generated numerous tips, which detectives followed up on. However, all leads were exhausted.

Farmington detectives are asking anyone with information about the altercation that occurred with Mr. Morgan or who recognize the composite sketch to call Detective Heather Chavez at 566-2370 or non-emergency dispatch at 334-6622. Anonymous tips may be submitted to San Juan County Crime Stoppers at 334-TIPS.



Seeking information on the disappearance of 83-year-old Lynn Goldin

Farmington, NM – Detectives with the Farmington Police Department are reaching out to the community for assistance in locating missing person, Lynn R. Goldin. In August of 2016, Lynn, 83, left his home in Vancouver, Wash. bound for Hogback, N.M. in search of treasure. He hasn’t been seen since. At the time of his disappearance, Lynn was described as 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 220 lbs. He had a white beard, short grey/white hair and no tattoos or scars. Lynn would have been wearing a hat of some type, loose fitting pants and always wore a Black Hills Gold crucifix.  He was driving his grey 2006 Hummer H2 with a personalized Washington license plate: GOLDIN2.
Aaron Goldin, Lynn’s son, explained that his father loved to travel to different states and prospect for treasure. Aaron said it wasn’t his father’s first trip to the area as he and Lynn previously traveled to Hogback. They explored the mesas and canyons north of PNM Power Plant in search of unclaimed treasures. Aaron spoke with his dad on August 29 when his dad told him he was headed to New Mexico, but when his father hadn’t checked in with him by September 10 and he was unable to reach him by phone, he contacted the Farmington Police Department for assistance.

It was confirmed that Lynn arrived in Farmington. He made a purchase at Walmart on West Main Street on September 1 and a short time later purchased fuel at the Circle W on U.S. Highway 64 in Waterflow. Lynn hasn’t been seen or heard from since. His vehicle hasn’t been found and there’s been no activity on his credit card.

On September 22, 2016, Aaron and Brian Goldin, Lynn’s grandson, traveled to New Mexico to conduct a search. They rented an airplane and coordinated assistance with the New Mexico Badlands Search and Rescue Team Inc. but were unsuccessful in locating any signs of him. Extensive follow up has been conducted in efforts to locate Lynn and his vehicle with no success.

Farmington detectives are asking anyone with information about Lynn R. Goldin and/or his vehicle to call Detective Heather Chavez at 566-2370 or non-emergency dispatch at 334-6622. Anonymous tips may be submitted to San Juan County Crime Stoppers at 334-TIPS.

*Attached is a photo of Lynn Goldin and a stock photo of the type of vehicle he was driving.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police receive tip on twenty-four-year-old case

Bringing attention to the department’s unsolved homicide cases has generated a new lead

Farmington, NM – Farmington Police Department received a new tip regarding an unsolved homicide within a few days of highlighting the case. The tip was in regards to the Patsy Taylor case. Taylor was jogging in the early morning hours on July 10, 1991 when she was killed. She was found near the intersection of Camino Rio and Camina Sol in south Farmington. The case is one of 12 unsolved homicides that is the focus of FPD’s new cold case detective, Daven Badoni.

In March 2015, FPD welcomed Patsy Taylor’s daughter, Gina Saied, to Farmington to explore her mother’s case. During her visit, the department made arrangements for her mother’s story to be highlighted in the community. Saied allowed for a video to be made about her mother and their family – who she was, the day they received the news and what they have endured for the past 24 years.

Not long after Saied returned home, FPD received a new tip through San Juan County Crime Stoppers. The tip was received anonymously; FPD is requesting the individual to contact their cold case detective for follow-up questions. “We want to thank this individual for showing the courage to come forward,” said Chief Hebbe. “This person has provided us with a new lead, which will hopefully result in providing answers and closure for Ms. Taylor’s family.” Detective Badoni may be reached at (505) 599-1019.

The Farmington Police Department is encouraging citizens to come forward with information about the Taylor case as well as the eleven other unsolved homicides. Anonymous crime tips may be reported by calling the San Juan County Crime Stoppers at (505) 334-TIPS (8477).

FPD’s Cold Case Homicides

Paul Napoleon – 1978                                           Carla Helmer – 1992

Cloyd Nielsen – 1982                                             Pernell Tewangoitewa – 1998

Robert Raymond Griesemer – 1986                   Bertina Tsosie – 2003

Feliciano Mendoza – 1988                                    Brenda Wright – 2004

Deland Pioche – 1990                                            Blane Stanley – 2007

Patsy Taylor – 1991                                                 Nathaniel Morgan – 2009


PRESS RELEASE: Farmington Police Department devoting resources to cold cases

Badoni, DavenFarmington, NM – The Farmington Police Department has created a special detective position with the focus of investigating cold cases. Cold cases refer to those that have not yet been solved and are not the subject of a recent criminal investigation. The department currently has 12 cold case homicides that will be the focus of the detective’s work. Farmington Police Department will continue to look at other potential cases as well. “One of our main goals is to let the families know we have not forgotten their loved ones. Through changes in technology and the passage of time that can lead to a suspect making a mistake, we are firmly committed to helping families find justice,” Chief Steve Hebbe said.

The newly appointed cold case detective, Daven Badoni, has been with the department since 2005. Prior to his joining FPD, Badoni served four years in the United States Army. He began his law enforcement career in 2003 with the City of Deming Police Department. During his tenure with Deming PD, Badoni served as a school resource officer, assigned to Deming High School. In 2005, Badoni relocated to Farmington and joined the Farmington Police Department. He served as a patrolman until 2010 and was also part of FPD’s Domestic Violence Advocate Law Enforcement Response Team (DV ALERT). In 2010, Badoni was promoted to a detective position. In 2013 he was selected as the domestic violence detective and served on the San Juan County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force. He maintained this position until appointed as the cold case detective.

Detective Badoni is beginning to reach out to the victims’ families. Farmington Police Department will also be reminding the public of these cases and is asking anyone with information about the unsolved homicides listed below, to please call their detective tip hotline at (505) 599-1068.

  • Paul Napoleon – 1978Dt. Badoni
  • Cloyd Nielsen – 1982
  • Robert Raymond Griesemer – 1986
  • Feliciano Mendoza – 1988
  • Deland Pioche – 1990
  • Patsy Taylor – 1991
  • Carla Helmer – 1992
  • Pernell Tewangoitewa – 1998
  • Bertina Tsosie – 2003
  • Brenda Wright – 2004
  • Blane Stanley – 2007
  • Nathaniel Morgan – 2009