City employees recognized for saving man’s life


Recognitions presented by Police Chief Steve Hebbe, Electric Utility Director Hank Adair, Mayor Nate Duckett, Fire Chief Dave Burke & City of Farmington Employee Council President Joanna Oliver

Tonight, we’d like to recognize several individuals who demonstrated exemplary performance, not only in their work duties, but in their duties as fellow citizens. When most of us hear the word humanitarian, we think of someone who actively engages in promoting human welfare and social reforms in a global capacity. Their goal is to save lives, relieve suffering and maintain human dignity. But a humanitarian can be one person whose single act accomplishes those very same goals, which is exactly what Officer David King and City of Farmington Electric Utility linemen, Dave Elder and Jacob Snowbarger, did.
On Tuesday, November 6, Officer King was flagged down by a construction worker near the Auto Zone at Broadway and Lake Street after a vehicle crashed into the side of the business. The officer made contact with the driver, a 70-year-old man from Cortez, Colo., and recognized he was in need of emergency assistance.
Officer King and Mr. Elder pulled the driver from the vehicle. Officer King began administering CPR to the driver and asked one of the linemen to get his radio so he could request assistance for the male who was in cardiac arrest. One of the linemen retrieved the officer’s radio and another brought his AED from his work truck. The officer radioed for additional assistance while the linemen took over chest compressions and applied the AED. Through their professional course of actions, CPR was continued seamlessly and two shocks were delivered to the patient prior to the fire department arriving on scene. Once fire and EMS personnel arrived, Mr. Elder and Mr. Snowbarger remained in the immediate area ready to assist and delivered a thorough briefing of events. They remained on scene until the patient, with a pulse, was transported to the hospital.
It is apparent that the swift actions of Officer King, Mr. Elder and Mr. Snowbarger greatly contributed to a positive outcome for the gentleman, who has since been discharged from the hospital and returned home.