SCAM Alert!

Scam Alert Blue

It has come to our attention a couple of phone scams are resurfacing in our area:


The individual receives a call from a person or recording claiming to be their cell phone service provider. The caller tells the individual that their service will be suspended until they verify their account by giving the caller personal information such as their social security number.

*The call will often be from your own phone number. DO NOT ANSWER IT!

If you receive a similar call, contact your service provider to verify the status of your account.


Scammers are spoofing their phone numbers to show on Caller ID as a Farmington Police Department number. The scammer will call an individual and claim to be an officer with FPD. The caller informs the individual they have a warrant and requests payment, typically in the form of prepaid credit cards or gift cards.

*Remember, the scammer may have obtained an officer’s real name and use it to appear legitimate. Officers will NEVER call citizens and request payment to avoid being arrested on a warrant or to dismiss charges. If you receive a similar call, hang up and call non-emergency dispatch at 334-6622.


Similar to the warrant scam, the caller will spoof their number to show a City of Farmington phone number on the Caller ID. The scammer will inform the individual that they are behind on paying their utility bill and services will be disconnected if not paid immediate. The scammer will then ask for payment in the form of a prepaid credit card or gift cards.

If you receive a similar call, DO NOT send the caller money! Hang up and contact the City of Farmington Electric Utility System (FEUS) at 599-1353 to check the status of your account.

*Remember, FEUS will NEVER call and demand immediate payment with a threat of disconnection. All FEUS disconnect notices are mailed or called out the day prior to disconnection.

If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t use social media, please share this information with them.

Thank you!