2016 Food drive brought in a record breaking number of donations

On December 17 and 18, Farmington Police Department hosted their annual Christmas food drive. This event typically takes place the week before Christmas at Albertsons in Farmington. For two days, volunteers come together to collect food and monetary donations, which are distributed to local nonprofit organizations the following Monday.

This year’s food drive brought in a record breaking $7,360 in monetary donations and an abundance of food. A single donor even gave a $1,000 check. Yesterday, a truckload of food and a $500 gift card was delivered to each of the following nonprofits: Navajo Ministries, PATH Homeless Shelter, Catholic Charities and the Family Crisis Center Women’s Shelter. The Juvenile Services Division of the Children Youth and Families Department also received groceries and six $100 gift cards to distribute to families in need of assistance.

Event organizer, Sergeant Matt Veith, would like to extend a special thanks to: Albertsons Store Director Wayne, Grocery Manager Joey, iHeart Radio, Vertical Radio, 7-2-11 Stores, Public Information Officer Georgette Allen, Officer Cierra Manus, Officer Kris Chavez and Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

And a big THANK YOU to the following people who helped make this year’s food drive another success:

Lt. Dale Bode
Lt. Taft Tracy
Sgt. Dave Monfils
Sgt. Chad Byers
Cpl. Jared Stock and Family
Cpl. Mark Gaines
Katrina Newcomb (San Juan County Communications Authority)
Martin Olsen
Erich Cole
Misty Genson and Family
Rachel Discenza-Smith and Family
Kellie Mason
Steve Smith
Ben Jemmett
Chris Blea
Greg Ericksen
Animal Control Officer Rebecca Maynard
Community Service Officers:
Jenny Dennis
Alma Chavez
Becky Johnson
Code Compliance Officers:
Mark Romero
Marc Kennedy