Message from the chief – Dallas police funerals

Members of the Farmington Police Department Honor Guard began their trip to Dallas this morning. They represent the men and women of FPD, as well as the support of our entire community, for the friends and family of the murdered Dallas police officers. Over the next four days, they will attend funerals for all five officers killed last week.

The FPD has received many messages of support from our community, including notes and balloons left on officers’ cars. Last week, events may have us all thinking and feeling the worst about where we are as a country. However, there are so many positive examples of citizens helping each other, working with the police and celebrating both our diversity and our freedom, that don’t make the news cycle or go viral on social media. We can’t let events and people who seek to tear us apart prevail. We must believe in the power of good people working together for a better community. We can disagree perhaps, but we can do so with respect and civility.

There will be tough times ahead. There will be events that can pull us apart. There will be mistakes and things we don’t understand and can’t control. However, we all control our emotions and reactions; building the type of community we all want begins with this. As our honor guard makes its way to Dallas, they carry the best wishes of Farmington with them. We will provide updates over the next several days.

On behalf of the men and women of the Farmington Police Department and all the citizens of our community, we keep the families and friends of these officers in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,

Chief Hebbe