PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police receive tip on twenty-four-year-old case

Bringing attention to the department’s unsolved homicide cases has generated a new lead

Farmington, NM – Farmington Police Department received a new tip regarding an unsolved homicide within a few days of highlighting the case. The tip was in regards to the Patsy Taylor case. Taylor was jogging in the early morning hours on July 10, 1991 when she was killed. She was found near the intersection of Camino Rio and Camina Sol in south Farmington. The case is one of 12 unsolved homicides that is the focus of FPD’s new cold case detective, Daven Badoni.

In March 2015, FPD welcomed Patsy Taylor’s daughter, Gina Saied, to Farmington to explore her mother’s case. During her visit, the department made arrangements for her mother’s story to be highlighted in the community. Saied allowed for a video to be made about her mother and their family – who she was, the day they received the news and what they have endured for the past 24 years.

Not long after Saied returned home, FPD received a new tip through San Juan County Crime Stoppers. The tip was received anonymously; FPD is requesting the individual to contact their cold case detective for follow-up questions. “We want to thank this individual for showing the courage to come forward,” said Chief Hebbe. “This person has provided us with a new lead, which will hopefully result in providing answers and closure for Ms. Taylor’s family.” Detective Badoni may be reached at (505) 599-1019.

The Farmington Police Department is encouraging citizens to come forward with information about the Taylor case as well as the eleven other unsolved homicides. Anonymous crime tips may be reported by calling the San Juan County Crime Stoppers at (505) 334-TIPS (8477).

FPD’s Cold Case Homicides

Paul Napoleon – 1978                                           Carla Helmer – 1992

Cloyd Nielsen – 1982                                             Pernell Tewangoitewa – 1998

Robert Raymond Griesemer – 1986                   Bertina Tsosie – 2003

Feliciano Mendoza – 1988                                    Brenda Wright – 2004

Deland Pioche – 1990                                            Blane Stanley – 2007

Patsy Taylor – 1991                                                 Nathaniel Morgan – 2009


4 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Farmington police receive tip on twenty-four-year-old case

  1. Do you ever stop looking? My cousin was murdered 1992 still unsolved. News paper article in 2012 said they were going to try DNA testing that was not available in 1992 but nothing in papers after that. How do you find if something was found. Do cases go so long that they are just put away for ever and not looked at again?


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